Our Vision
Promoting the living standards of the people in the Southern Province by creating employment and fulfilling their expectations, actively, efficiently and effectively with transparency to raise the income level through economic and social development and minimize poverty in the province.

Our Mission
To uplift the living condition of the people of the province & to contribute to the national development through the utilization & management of human, financial & physical resource.

Main Functions of the Provincial Treasury:

Centralized control & supervision on collection of revenue & other charges imposed by the Provincial Council.
Financial administration to make arrangement for introduction & exercise of financial and accounting systems, obtaining funds, trust, protection, proper removal and book keeping with the objective of being responsible for the provincial with regard to the Provincial Fund.
Issue of imprest to departments, control, maintenance of accounts & implementation of procedures over them.
Provision of funds to Divisional Secretariats for the activities of the provincial council & maintenance of proper control over them.